GIS Middle School

The Elementary school education curriculum is not just a simple course teaching, but to prepare children to enter the international society, let the children learn basic computer science (coding), innovation and logical thinking ability, TED TALK and other courses. Moreover, not only let the children learn English, but also provide students with Chinese courses, so that the children are always prepared to become international talents.

TED Talk

Technology, Entertainment and Design
Students can freely give lectures on different themes, and can improve students' linguistic organizational skills.


Intermediate Math
Math formulas for students learning various shapes (triangles, parallelograms), and also provide thinking and thinking skills.


Intermediate English
Students are able to pass individual subjects, writing and speaking ability, and are able to learn to write and arrange sentences.

Digital Journalism

Digital Journalism
Students can go through individual subjects, understand the basics of electronic newspapers, and provide great assistance in improving their photocopying abilities.


Intermediate Science
Students can learn how to divide materials and mixtures, motion physics, heritage principles, environmental adaptation laws, discriminative volcano methods, etc.

Social Science

Intermediate Social Science
Students can pass individual subjects to study Asia and knowledge of ancient social politics, economics, culture and geography during world history.

Language Arts

Intermediate Character Literacy
Students can pass through individual subjects and understand literature from all over the world (non-Chinese, British, American, and cultural books written by authors from all over the world), and have the ability to understand each country's culture.

Computer Science

Intermediate Computer Science
Students can go through individual subjects such as basic computer theory, Katsuya Nami's coding course, and webpage design course.

Practical Courses

Chinese, Filipino, Cooking, etc.
In addition to the above-mentioned courses provided by the Gentry International Course, the middle school department provides a third foreign language-Chinese course, a Chinese language course, and a preparation for cultivating international talents. The school offers arts and fitness courses, and also provides practical application courses - cooking courses. A good road to the future for students.
  • International Seminar (optional)
    • The Gentry International School continues to provide high-quality education for prospective students, co-operating with GEO (Global Educators Organization), interacting and cooperating, and helping teachers to develop new and improved educational programs. Parallel educator negotiations, students’ wisdom self-imagining the future direction, parallel self-improvement, clarification and settlement of the future.

Why Gis?

No matter where you are from, exposure to English from kindergarten onwards is crucial to giving your child a solid foundation in English.

The California of the Philippines

Clark is a very developed city in the Philippines. It is a warning area directly under the president. It is the safest city in the Philippines, and the city is equipped with many entertainment facilities.

The Most Cost-effective School

Compared with other international schools in Clark, the CP value is extremely high. It not only teaches in English, but also has many extracurricular activities.

English Intensive Teaching Course

In order to improve students’ English skills, special courses such as TED Talk and Journal Writing are prepared for students. And cooperate with Oxford University Press, Pearson, LCCI, etc. to provide the best English teaching.

Interest-based School Activities

The school will offer cooking, computer coding courses, football club and other courses to enrich students’ extracurricular life, and will regularly hold public welfare activities, lectures and other extracurricular activities.

IAP(Individual Assessment Plan)

Every week, we will regularly share the students’ life and learning matters with parents, and discuss with students based on the content of the personal evaluation plan.

High Learning Intensity and Management

Provide American MyOn “online reading program” to improve students’ reading and writing skills, and provide intensive English teaching outside of school curriculum for students with weak English foundation, so that students can improve their English ability in a short period of time and quickly adapt to school life.

Guidance for Further Studies

The counseling team of famous foreign universities with many years of experience provides counseling for students, and there will be professional psychological counselors who will provide psychological counseling for each student through spiritual art classes.

Make Friends with Students from Different Countries

GIS students are mainly from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China. Making friends from different countries in childhood can not only exercise students’ English ability in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, but also cultivate students’ international values.



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