GIS Kindergarten

Each child’s learning ability and intelligence will vary according to their growth background and parents’ genetic factors. But the advantage of children is that they can develop and learn many different things as they grow up. Gentry Kindergarten focuses on developing students’ intelligence and learning ability, and develops different types of learning courses for the all-round development of students. The school has developed a total of 8 different courses, which can not only help students’ intellectual development, but also bring different experiences to students through different activities.


Nursery Rhymes
Help children improve their language skills through nursery rhyme lessons.


Physical Movement & TPR
Through learning dance, develop children's physical coordination and creativity, and dance with other students to cultivate children's team awareness and social skills.


Arithmetic Locial Mathematic
GIS provides students with teaching about numbers, graphs, fractions, currency, time and more. All courses are based on students' interests to develop children's potential.


English for Young Learners
Allow students to convey information about themselves, the school, the local society and the surrounding world, and teach students how to express accurately.


Story Telling
Using the educational method of Story Telling, let children learn how to organize the outline of the story and express the content of the story accurately.


Arts & Craft, Drawing & Coloring
Children can experience different art activities (pictures, statues, coloring, etc.), thus improving children's imagination. And conduct mental health therapy courses for students through pictures.


Children’s Science
Children can learn basic science (the five senses, the composition of the earth, the basic necessary elements of animals and plants) through this subject, and learn how to observe things while learning.


All Subjects
Rather than letting children study alone, choose to let children study and do homework together, so that children can know how to get along with others from an early age, and improve children's interpersonal relationships.
  • Painting with Teacher Ann (optional)
    • Gentry International School provides special courses for kindergarten schools, employs teachers who specialize in psychology at the University of Philippines, the highest institution of higher learning in the Philippines, to conduct painting courses for children, and conduct psychological talks for them through children’s paintings.
  • Culinary Program (optional)
    • In order to enable students from kindergarten to high school, Gentry International School provides different courses and opportunities to participate in various speech competitions to develop their potential, such as hiring professional chefs from outside to teach. Students can cook with chefs according to different themes, share food with each other, or sell it at a discounted price, and donate all the money earned to welfare organizations.

Why Gis?

No matter where you are from, exposure to English from kindergarten onwards is crucial to giving your child a solid foundation in English.

The California of the Philippines

Clark is a very developed city in the Philippines. It is a warning area directly under the president. It is the safest city in the Philippines, and the city is equipped with many entertainment facilities.

The Most Cost-effective School

Compared with other international schools in Clark, the CP value is extremely high. It not only teaches in English, but also has many extracurricular activities.

English Intensive Teaching Course

In order to improve students’ English skills, special courses such as TED Talk and Journal Writing are prepared for students. And cooperate with Oxford University Press, Pearson, LCCI, etc. to provide the best English teaching.

Interest-based School Activities

The school will offer cooking, computer coding courses, football club and other courses to enrich students’ extracurricular life, and will regularly hold public welfare activities, lectures and other extracurricular activities.

IAP(Individual Assessment Plan)

Every week, we will regularly share the students’ life and learning matters with parents, and discuss with students based on the content of the personal evaluation plan.

High Learning Intensity and Management

Provide American MyOn “online reading program” to improve students’ reading and writing skills, and provide intensive English teaching outside of school curriculum for students with weak English foundation, so that students can improve their English ability in a short period of time and quickly adapt to school life.

Guidance for Further Studies

The counseling team of famous foreign universities with many years of experience provides counseling for students, and there will be professional psychological counselors who will provide psychological counseling for each student through spiritual art classes.

Make Friends with Students from Different Countries

GIS students are mainly from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China. Making friends from different countries in childhood can not only exercise students’ English ability in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, but also cultivate students’ international values.



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