GIS International School

The Elementary school education curriculum is not just a simple course teaching, but to prepare children to enter the international society, let the children learn basic computer science (coding), innovation and logical thinking ability, TED TALK and other courses. Moreover, not only let the children learn English, but also provide students with Chinese courses, so that the children are always prepared to become international talents.

TED Talk

Technology, Entertainment and Design
Students deliver short speeches in front of the audience on different topics to improve their ability to construct sentences.


Elementary Math
Cultivate students' logical thinking ability, basic calculation ability, data analysis, geometry, etc.


Elementary English
Students can take standard English writing and speaking courses through this subject, learning the arrangement of articles and vocabulary.

Chinese Mandarin

Elementary Chinese
Students can learn Chinese through this subject, and start learning from the most basic Chinese characters and pronunciation. The course focuses more on speaking and reading than on rote memorization.


Elementary Science
Through this course, students can learn about the five senses and body organs, and learn basic science (physics, biology, earth science, chemistry), etc.

Social Science

Elementary Social Science
Through this course students learn to understand the similarities and differences across the fields of the social sciences. Courses include studying the shape of the land, the economic history of the world, and more.

Character Literacy

Elementary Character Literacy
Students can develop self-confidence through this course, so that students can learn how to respect different religious cultures and beliefs. And will develop the ability of students to speak in front of the public.

Computer Science

Elementary Computer Science
Students can learn the basic structure and functions of computers through this subject, and learn basic Coding, Photoshop and Microsoft file usage.


Visual And Performing
[Arts and Music]
This subject is a course for the study of visual and performing arts, mainly composed of fine arts, music, and physical education. The music class learns different musical instruments, and the physical education class exercises students' physical fitness.


Filipino Language
The school provides students with Filipino courses once a week, through which students can learn more about Filipino culture.

Computer Coding & Robotics

Junior Computer Coding & Robotics
Students can learn basic robotics, physics through this subject, and learn the principles of robotics through assembling robots.
  • Boy & Girl Scouts (optional)
    • GENTRY International School provides students of all levels with a variety of opportunities to experience sports and outdoor activities. According to local conditions, some courses will have some adjustments.

Why Gis?

No matter where you are from, exposure to English from kindergarten onwards is crucial to giving your child a solid foundation in English.

The California of the Philippines

Clark is a very developed city in the Philippines. It is a warning area directly under the president. It is the safest city in the Philippines, and the city is equipped with many entertainment facilities.

The Most Cost-effective School

Compared with other international schools in Clark, the CP value is extremely high. It not only teaches in English, but also has many extracurricular activities.

English Intensive Teaching Course

In order to improve students’ English skills, special courses such as TED Talk and Journal Writing are prepared for students. And cooperate with Oxford University Press, Pearson, LCCI, etc. to provide the best English teaching.

Interest-based School Activities

The school will offer cooking, computer coding courses, football club and other courses to enrich students’ extracurricular life, and will regularly hold public welfare activities, lectures and other extracurricular activities.

IAP(Individual Assessment Plan)

Every week, we will regularly share the students’ life and learning matters with parents, and discuss with students based on the content of the personal evaluation plan.

High Learning Intensity and Management

Provide American MyOn “online reading program” to improve students’ reading and writing skills, and provide intensive English teaching outside of school curriculum for students with weak English foundation, so that students can improve their English ability in a short period of time and quickly adapt to school life.

Guidance for Further Studies

The counseling team of famous foreign universities with many years of experience provides counseling for students, and there will be professional psychological counselors who will provide psychological counseling for each student through spiritual art classes.

Make Friends with Students from Different Countries

GIS students are mainly from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China. Making friends from different countries in childhood can not only exercise students’ English ability in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, but also cultivate students’ international values.



1st Semester: 2023. 08. 26 ~ 2024. 01. 20
2nd Semester: 2024. 01. 21 ~ 2024. 06. 14

English Proficiency: IELTS 5.0/4.0 (Senior High/ Junior High) or Equivalent level (by taking GIS’s Test)
Academic level: GPA 2.8 above with transcript (Students need to take Examination to check the knowledge and Academic level)

1. Students will prepare their class materials by themselves.
2. Every quarter, students will have field trip (2 days 1 night) in the Philippines.
3. Grade 1-9: 1 hour one-on-one and 2 hours of group class (evening) with ESL content. Grade 10-12 it will
be with IELTS or TOEFL content.
4. Tuition fee needs to be completed before the starting of the school year (mid of august).
5. Weekend activity is not included in the above fee.
6. If English level of student is very low, student has to have ESL Training while having the schooling,
student needs to pay for extra fee.
7. Miscellaneous Fee
– School I.D.
– Customize I.D. Lace
– Annual Accident Insurance
– Other School Supplies
– School Laboratories & Amenities Maintenance
– Notebooks Dairy (Elementary)

  • Enrollment fee: Paid at the time of receiving Letter of Acceptance (no refundable).
  • Tuition fee: Tuition fee must be completed before the date of starting.
  • Admission: non-refundable.
  • More than 30 days to the starting day: refund 80% of tuition fee.
  • 15 to 29 days to the starting day: refund 70% of tuition fee.
  • 1 to 14 days to the starting day: refund 50% of tuition fee.
  • After the starting day 1 – 7 days: refund 20% of tuition fee.
  • After the starting day 8 – 14 days: refund 10% of tuition fee.
  • More than 15 days from the starting day, no refund.
  • Local fee and Miscellaneous fee will not be refunded if its consumed.

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