Gentry International School Introduction

Gentry International School is a school that will help students realize their dreams, with diversified experiential courses, and students’ dreams as goals, to plan students’ courses of study. The school’s philosophy is to break away from traditional education, discover the potential of students, provide the best education, and dance to the world tower. With the best teachers, we provide the best education for students studying abroad and students preparing to work abroad.

  • Gentry International School is a school with differentiation from other Filipino international schools. Not only is it committed to a UK-taught curriculum, but it also provides students with a concentration English-taught courses to cultivate talents needed by the international community.
  • Gentry international School is a fully managed boarding school with a strict management system, where you can live with other international students in a comfortable and safe environment Boarding, concentrate on your studies. Here, the school not only provides students with a comfortable learning environment, but also organizes a variety of extracurricular activities to enrich students’ after-school life.
  • Gentry International School is a school that cultivates students’ ability to learn actively, enriches their knowledge through different experiences, and becomes a useful part of society. The purpose of the school is to study and live with students of different nationalities, understand the cultures of various countries, and lay the foundation for going to the international stage.
  • Gentry international School is committed to providing students with a safe, comfortable and fun learning environment.
    • Explore students’ interests and strengths through experiential simulation teaching
    • A variety of sports activities to enable students to improve their physical strength
    • Enable students to demonstrate innovative teaching
    • You can express your teaching in different ways
    • Teaching to foster communication in different languages

California in the Philippines -Clark

Gentry International School is located in Pampanga, Central Luzon, and the Clark area is famous for its convenient transportation. Since it was a base stationed by the US military before, the network, electricity facilities, and sewer facilities are relatively complete, and there will be no disasters such as earthquakes and floods. The President of the Philippines also purchased a villa here, so there are 24-hour security personnel throughout the city. It is a city suitable for study and vacation.


The average annual temperature is 25~28 degrees.


Clark International Airport, Manila Clark MRT

Tourist Attractions

Volcanoes, beaches, water parks, golf courses


Basic & higher education facilities,general hospital, park

Educational Features

» OXFORD University Press

Gentry International School provides each new student with the Oxford University Press English Entrance Examination in the United Kingdom, divides the English level of the students, and plans the study courses suitable for the students according to the English level.

» National Geographic Learning

Gentry International School is oriented towards improving oral English for students of all grades, and conducts TED speech courses in the classroom. The classroom will focus on the theme of National Geographic and study courses under the guidance of foreign teachers.

» Pearson

Gentry International School cooperates with Pearson, known as the pioneer of the world's education industry, so that every student studying in Gentry can use the textbooks carefully selected by Pearson for teaching, and then cultivate international talents.

» London of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)

The international school combines the business education courses of the London Conference Institute with the courses of the Senior High School, so that students can learn accurate business English and improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills when they study courses in high school.

Why Gentry?

The California of the Philippines

Clark is a very developed city in the Philippines. It is a warning area directly under the president. It is the safest city in the Philippines, and the city is equipped with many entertainment facilities.

The Most Cost-effective School

Compared with other international schools in Clark, the CP value is extremely high. It not only teaches in English, but also has many extracurricular activities.

English Intensive Teaching Course

In order to improve students’ English skills, special courses such as TED Talk and Journal Writing are prepared for students. And cooperate with Oxford University Press, Pearson, LCCI, etc. to provide the best English teaching.

Interest-based School Activities

The school will offer cooking, computer coding courses, football club and other courses to enrich students’ extracurricular life, and will regularly hold public welfare activities, lectures and other extracurricular activities.

IAP(Individual Assessment Plan)

Every week, we will regularly share the students’ life and learning matters with parents, and discuss with students based on the content of the personal evaluation plan.

High Learning Intensity and Management

Provide American MyOn “online reading program” to improve students’ reading and writing skills, and provide intensive English teaching outside of school curriculum for students with weak English foundation, so that students can improve their English ability in a short period of time and quickly adapt to school life.

Guidance for Further Studies

The counseling team of famous foreign universities with many years of experience provides counseling for students, and there will be professional psychological counselors who will provide psychological counseling for each student through spiritual art classes.

IELTS, TOEFL Intensive Courses

Provide the best English training and examination courses in the Philippines for students who go abroad for further study after graduation. Teachers with the best teaching qualifications will be selected for the school give guidance.

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