A weekend Evening at HELP English Academy

Instead of bustling and lively places, sometimes we just need a space to chat with friends or to relax for ourselves after exhausting study sessions during weekdays.
Understanding this, HELP Academy has created shared recreational areas that are spacious, airy, and warm.

The front and back areas of the campus are both equipped with seats for students to have various choices. Additionally, the areas are adorned with sparkling yellow lights, creating a warm and serene atmosphere.

At HELP, we also have a convenience store where students can enjoy a variety of beverages such as smoothies, fruit juices, and a diverse selection of coffees without the need to go outside. Afterwards, under the refreshing air, they can enjoy a peaceful weekend, free from hustle and bustle, as well as save on commuting expenses.

The progress in students’ journey to conquer the English language is an honor for HELP Academy. We are always here and ready to create the best possible conditions for our beloved students.

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