Baguio museum

I and my classmates visited the museum in Baguio last Saturday.

When we arrived at the building gate, two classical aircraft wooden man and women were standing on the wall, but higher too much than normal people. Surprisely we saw the painting and photograph posters, we realized this was a good chance to travel here, can view the art exhibition.

See from a distance, It looks the museum building is not huge, likes a thatched cottage. When we stood in foront of it, we know it is really wider than our imagination. It is total 4 floors, the first floor also is the under ground first floor, that was for painting exhibition, third floor demonstrated the historical person and some major events, and the watercolor display and photographic exhibition were are in the fourth floor. From the plentyful photoes, we studied more about this country, the development, and the various ancient building styles. Inside of this building, one thing we regreated was our English could not support us we know the introduction.

In the museum second floor, it desplayed the daily life tools,cookers and clothes. Most of them were made from wood, carved wood to be different shapes for various functions. Artificial products were used In fishery, agriculture and knitwork, it was the classical culture. Black and red woven clothing is still their traditional clothes until now, and the citizens keep hand-made through loom machine. People normally were it in some important days, like holiday or festivals to celebrate it with family and friends. A bar of black and red hand-made cloth is the all clothes for man, females skirt in red and black, few with blue and white color.

Unexpectedly, there are some ceramic products from China, seems China has influenced this country culture much. It links with the history, Chinese business ships had transported uncountable delicate goods exported to the world corner.

The first floor is displayed oil painting,caricature and pencil drawing pictures, but the main topic is about sunflower, it is Baguio’s city flower, and that time was the flowers blooming season. To talk about the painters’ skill, they fewer paint in realism, they trend to exaggerate the items with deep colour.

In the third floor, some well-known heroes potraits were showed there, many landmarks previous pictures as well. After I left from the Museum, I realized I have many places should to view.

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