SM mall and public park in Baguio

In 1900, American built the ciry, Baguio on the relic area. This city’s altitude is above 1500meters with humid climate and is far away from the Noth of Manila about 250 kilometers and it spends approximate 7 hours by car. But the weather always rainy and frogy, and the road is winding, to drive on the road, is a big challenge.

in the second World war, this ciry was ruined by bombing, and the commersial buildings and schools were set up in a short period. However, the earthquake led many houses and buildings tore down in 1990, july. Even though they were built again, it cost a great deal of money and labour. From that days, the buildings’ highest floor is seven.

There are many shopping Malls in this city, the most huge one is SM mall, and it keeps thousands of customers current everyday. When the clients get into this mall, they must to pass the sacurity checking, make sure they are not bring weapons. So may be you would complain the inconvenient when you bring much luggage to do the check. But we should understand it is for public safety.

This mall provide affluent goods and various restaurants for customers to select, perhaps too many stores are ocuppied the public space , as a result, the available area for walking is narrow and crowded. In another side, some students feedback the items price are slightly higher than the other mall, but the quality mostly good. When people are tired, they go to the mall roof to scan the all views towards the outside of the SM. From this spot, we can see the every corner of this city, adn we were shocked how dense residential region here are.

There is an enourmous public park, opposite SM mall, well-equipped facilities amusing citizens and relax there. One big artificial salty lake is located in the middle of the park, people sit on the boat to appreciate the nice view. In the Philippines, park is the best place for family have fun in weekends, they hung out around the park, children dance and sing songs to amuse their parents laugh. If you are keen on the family happy atmosphere, go there in weekends is the best time.

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