9 weeks IELTS 5.5 to 7 points

Student Sumary:

Ever since embarking on the journey of IELTS learning, I have deeply felt the challenges of this process, but at the same time, I have gained a lot. IELTS is not just about learning English, but also about training in ways of thinking and learning methods.

I remember when I first started learning IELTS, I was very troubled by the complex questions and strict scoring criteria. However, as time went on, I gradually found my own learning methods and began to enjoy the process. I found that the process of preparing for IELTS is actually a process of self-improvement, which taught me how to manage time effectively, how to think critically, and how to express my views clearly and accurately.

At the same time, learning IELTS has allowed me to understand the English language more deeply. I began to appreciate the richness and precision of English, and started to communicate in English with more confidence. I found that through learning IELTS, I not only improved my English level but also enhanced my global vision.

In conclusion, although the process of learning IELTS is full of challenges, I believe that as long as we have determination and perseverance, we can overcome these difficulties and achieve our goals. I look forward to continuing to improve myself and achieve greater breakthroughs in future IELTS learning.

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