Subic Beach

Driftwood Beach

  1. Cottage rental fee
    Small (about 10 people) 1000 pesos
    Big (about 15 people) 1500 pesos
  2. Entrance fee : 25 pesos/per
  3. Paking fee : 50
  4. Activity (Example)
    -Banana boat : 350 pesos/per
    -Jet Skie : 3500 pesos/ Max 12 people
  5. Others
    Kitchen equipments rental : Grill /200 pesos
    Pot /200 pesos


Plenty of activities, low cottage fee, many restaurants nearby the beach


Few cooking tools

Previous Plan We made ※Made by Japanese student


-Affordable price!! This beach is the lowest fee I’ve ever been.
-It is not suitable to cook something to eat on the beach.
★Total Consumption Cost on the beach/ 1275 pesos, Cost for food/ 1426 pesos.

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